Who We Are

The only choice for incredible outdoor cinema parties

Movie Night offers a unique outdoor cinema-styled party for children and adults. Our outdoor Movie Night is the most popular party option and we pride ourselves in providing the most reliable, efficient and impressive outdoor cinema parties in SA

Since our first Movie Night event in October 2014, we have created over 2000 Movie Night Parties for kids and even adults in Gauteng.

Over the past year, some competitor companies have started offering a similar service. Their pricing is in some cases lower than ours, but the difference in service and quality of the equipment will be noticeable. With over 2000 references available, we are confident that we provide the best. Our owners, Ferdinand Damon and Robert Cunningham are committed to making sure that Movie Night PTY LTD provides the best service to our clients in order to ensure that their party is the most memorable.

We have packages to suit all needs and budgets and we know that you entrusting us with your party, will ensure its a memorable and enjoyable one. If our packages are missing something, let us know and we will do our best to tailor something that will better suit you and your needs.

Why Choose Us


Personal Service

We are constantly investing in our equipment and looking at new and interesing ways of improving our product. Movie Night's owners are operationally involved and available to all clients for queries, concerns and complaints.


Professional, Fun, Friendly

Our team loves what they do. They enjoy interacting with the kids and they pride themselves in ensuring every one of our parties is a great success. Every one of them has lots of experience in providing our out outdoor cinema product and will go out of their way to make sure you are happy.


We love creating something special

We still get excited at each event. Every single one is different and we love being creatively involved in the planning of your event. You may notice our team taking photos after the completion of setup. This is because they are really proud of what they have done, and we love bragging about our Movie Night Parties.


We can source anything

We don't necessarily have everything in stock that you may require, but with extensive relationships with other suppliers, we can provide almost anything you may need to finish off your party concept. If there is anything not offered on our site, let us know and we will do our best to source it for you.