Outdoor Movie

Outdoor Movie night rentals include everything needed to host the perfect pop up cinema
under the stars in your backyard, field or park!
We include big screen, projector, sound system and other options to make the event perfect.

Cinema Experience

Who doesn't want their own outdoor cinema in the backyard? We make it possible!
This is the perfect idea for kids parties, adult parties, get togethers and even sporting events.

Exciting Parties

This will be the most interesting and memorable birthday party idea you have come up with.
Kids absolutely love the idea of a movie cinema at home and we can include popcorn machines,
slush machines, sweetie bars and more.

Outdoor Movies

Love the idea of a big screen cinema in your backyard?

Movie Night Pty Ltd is proud to be able to offer our very popular outdoor cinema-style package offering to create a full pop up cinema at your home including big screen, projector, sound and popcorn machine. All you need to supply is the movie itself on DVD Disc.

We provide a full solution outdoor cinema experience in the comfort of your home including everything you need to make it an amazingly memorable experience for your guests. We operate in Johannesburg, Pretoria and the rest of Gauteng and surrounds. We are no longer operating in Cape Town but we are looking at Franchising into Cape Town. If you are interested, mail rob@movienight.co.za

To ensure that your party or event is remembered for a long time, our outdoor movie night packages can be customised to suit you. We can include popcorn, slush, sweetie bar, movie tickets.

Add On Options


We have partnered with photographer Leigh Benson. We have a basic add on option of 1 hour which includes 50 digital images. Additional hours can be booked at R1000.00 per hour. We also have photobook options which you can enquire about. To see Leigh's work, visit her website

Bean Bags

Multicoloured bean bags available at R60.00 each. Unfortunately, colours cannot be chosen.

Winter Add Ons

For winter Movie Nights, we have a couple options to warm up the evening. Add on hot chocolate and marshmallows to any package as a warming and comforting extra. To ensure the perfect feeling, we can include fire baskets and fire wood to make awesome little fires for your guests.

Technician on site

A staff member remains at your event for the duration to ensure the smooth operation of the outdoor movie and to make sure there is plenty popcorn available. This is an optional service which we highly recommend to completely remove the stress element of the evening.

Bigger Screen

Ask us about bigger screen options depending on the number of people expected or the 'wow-factor' you are looking to achieve.

Sweetie Bar, slush machine, lighting

Our smaller packages are our most popular, but to really blow the minds of all the kids, we can include awesome options like slush, sweetie bar, printed tickets, lighting, red carpet


Movie night makes such a great option for a birthday party

As children grow up, finding new and exciting ideas for a birthday party becomes challenging. Creating an outdoor cinema is really unique and easily creates a memorable party for your child. Setting up a movie cinema in your backyard will no doubt be the highlight in the calendar for your child's school friends.

If you would like to book an outdoor movie night in your backyard, Movie Night is the only option in Gauteng. We are proud to offer an incredible birthday party experience with our pop up cinema.